Zoi – Dimitris



August 2017

This truly stunning couple came to literally the last minute, still surprised that they managed to take a few days off. After their wedding they had accepted the fact that their honeymoon would remain a far away dream. Well, surprise!

Following their excitement of being able to go somewhere, another obstacle came up: It was last minute in August, when everything is already both packed and pricy. So they came on our first meeting positive that their dream of an ideal exotic destination is impossible, so maybe they could visit a near-by country for just a few days.

I am telling you right now, there is nothing better than announcing to people that their dream can and will come true! After getting to know them a little bit and doing a small research, we came to a decision: exotic Bali was the destination!

Convenient flights, 4* accommodation, trips and guided tours and of course time to relax and enjoy themselves, were all included in our package! The best thing was that the price was great too!

Zoi and Dimitris, the package I put together for you was an inspiration for my own next trip. Many thanks for trusting me, it was a great pleasure getting to know you!