Unconventional Wedding Outfits

One of the most important and fun procedures you have to go through while preparing your wedding, is to choose your outfit. Usually you have something on mind, but by the time you need to decide, you start second-guessing yourself and often your people drive you crazy: “It should not be too flashy, too crazy, too short, too modest, too sexy, too weird, too simple…” So you end up with a conventional look with no personality.

Is that really you? I say DARE to think out of the box and let your personality shine!

Check out a few suggestions:

1. Dare a shorter outfit with vintage styling

2. Surprise your guests with an impressive back jewel

3. Besides hair, ombré effect looks great also on your wedding dress

4. Impress with an imperial look inspired by Ancient Greece

5. Choose a simple look and style it up with a metallic belt

6. Don’t be afraid to choose colour

7. Who said that you should wear a wedding DRESS?

8. Gold can really make you shine

9. Unusual textiles are an eye-catcher

10. Show off your sexy side with finesse