Theodora & Marios

A King Protea flower Wedding

On the first meeting with this couple, I saw this glowing young woman and next to her, a face I recognised… one of my school classmates! “Hey, nice to see you again! What are you doing here?” “Well, I am the groom!” And this is how this story starts. 🙂

Theodora and Marios, working in the tourism industry, wanted to have their wedding after their business was closed, in November. We found a nice new indoor venue and started planning all the details. 

Our dominant decoration element was the King Protea flower, a symbol or change and transformation. Sometimes, us people try to keep our good feelings and happiness by locking them in and trying to stay still. But the truth is, there is no stronger relationship than one where two people are growing and evolving together, side by side. A relationship that changes and transforms the couple into better persons. This is definitely what I saw in Theodora and Marios…

…And this is why I am happy to see this work relation evolving into a personal relationship and to proudly call them friends, almost one year after planning their wedding.



Wedding Planning: My Planner

Photography: Petros Pattakos

Venue: Lido Royal

Decoration: En Kipo Weddings

Wedding cake: Spitiko

Invitations: Red Grass

Next day photo spot: The SeaView