The ideal way to propose

Asking your partner “The Question” will probably be the most narrated story of your life. It better ben a good one!

There are many ways and a million ideas on how to make that moment special. There is also a good chance for anyone to fall into “lethal” mistakes like over-planning, making it too complicated or even not doing enough- and this is not at all the story you want to tell your friends or your children.

In order not to get lost, there is one single most important step you need to start from: consider your partner’s PERSONALITY. By taking this into account, you can create the ideal experience for your loved-one! Show them that you have planned something not just to impress them, but a total experience especially tailor-made on their character and interests.

Check out a few ideas for a unique proposal:

1. For hikers/ nature lovers
On the mountain: after a mild walk through the forest, at an isolated spot with the most extraordinary view and a pic-nic basket with delicacies.

On the mountain

2. For romantics/ beach lovers
On the beach: Idyllic scenery with candles and pillows and a song written especially for your partner

On the beach

3. For dreamers/ musical lovers
During a flash-mob choreography

During a flash-mob choreography

4. For extroverts
On a hot-air balloon

On a hot-air balloon

5. For Bon-Viveurs/ Luxury lovers
On a fabulous villa with dinner for 2 from a private chef

Fabulous villa with dinner for 2

Plan your own unique proposal!