Massage, jacuzzi and pool fun, for girls only!

Relaxing massage, jacuzzi, swimming pool, finger food and sparkle… This bachelorette party included all my favourite things!

Our beautiful bride had just arrived a few days ago and her sister and friend wanted to offer her a relaxing experience to help her charge her batteries for her wedding day.

The day included a special spirit-massage treatment, jacuzzi and sauna sessions, sparkling wine and finger food (I could live on this finger food!) as well as relaxation on a special gazebo by the hotel’s new pool-bar. Seriously, the bar is literally INSIDE the pool! (Can I have a second bachelorette party for myself even though I have been married for 2 years?)




Event Design: My Planner

Venue: Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa

Photography: Eleni Loubou