Kimberly & John

A Wedding in a traditional Cretan Village

This is a story that started with a crazy phone call from an amazing photographer: “There is a gentleman here who wants to transform his birth village into a beautiful venue for his son’s wedding. You have to meet him!” !!???!!! This was one of the most amazing projects of the season.

 I am actually smiling while writing! But let me put you in the mood as well. The person I met to discuss about this wedding was Mr Siganos, an accomplished businessman from the States, born and raised in a small mountain village of Crete called Faratsi, that was abandoned due to blood feuds (vendettas). Mr George Siganos and his lovely wife Patricia were very clear: they wanted an amazing wedding for their son and his bride, but most of all, wanted to honour the village history and leave something beautiful and meaningful behind. 

A large team of all kinds of professionals came together to reconstruct the roads, plant trees, redo the village square and even create a waterfall coming down the rocks from the church, located on the top of a hill! A true miracle I tell you!

For the wedding itself we designed a balanced mixture of traditional and modern details to compliment the natural surroundings. White florals for elegance, wood for nature and red rugs (kilimia) for cretan tradition were the dominant elements. 

I will say no more! I leave you here with the photos of the amazing Mr Christos Manioros (thank you for everything). The only thing I need to say, is that without this great team of real professionals, none of these would be possible. Congrats guys!

Photography: Christos Manioros 

Wedding Planner: My Planner

Videography: Giorgos Chasourakis

Decoration: Yucca

Catering: Event Catering by Kalathakis

Sound: Ultra Special Events

Dj: G.Pal

Cretan music: Vasilis Skoulas

Cretan dancers: Mavrokostas

Hair & Make up: Christina Andriotti