Katerina & Dimitris

Romantic Vacation

Venice - Florence

March 2017

-Elegance, style, romance-

…these are the first words that come to my mind when I think of this fashion-icon couple, Katerina and Dimitris. And which would be a more suitable destination for then rather than Italy’s diamonds, Venice and Florence?

Sweet Katerina was very decisive and knew exactly what she wanted for her romantic trip: Florence had always been a dream-destination for her. The problem was that their free time was limited and the flights inconvenient. We decided to look into other options too, but I soon realised that nothing would satisfy her as much as what she had imagined.

So, on our second appointment and after a small research, I had a proposal for her that I knew would get her excited: A complete package with convenient direct flights and exquisite central hotels for the right price! The proposal came with an additional bonus-destination: Venice!

Katerina and Dimitris left Chania with their own tailor-made complete travel package, boosted with the special My-Planner “Dos and Don’ts” list for their destinations. They came back full of beautiful memories and of course many photos and videos to share their experience with me!

Thanks so much guys!