Katerina & Christos & baby Eleftheria

Wedding - Christening

Chania, Crete

May 7, 2017

Katerina and Christos had their priorities set straight since day one: to have a simple but tasteful ceremony and to emphasize on their baby daughter, their little star, Eleftheria.

I really enjoyed the time I spend with the bride, Katerina. Meeting young people with a clear vision of life is very inspiring! We clicked immediately and we came up with a very creative result.

On the big day, despite the heat, the total styling brought spring vibes to the venue. Flowers and vivid colours could be spotted everywhere.

The couple’s family and friends were extremely happy and participated in creating an extraordinary festive environment. Beyond words was the wonderful team of the best-man, made-of-honour and godfather who kept the party going all day!

Katerina and Christos, I wish you all the best!