Alison & Ioannis

A Stylish Colourful Wedding

It has been a few months now that this wedding took place. As dear Alison reminded me with an Instagram message, they just had their 4-month anniversary. Well these people find a good reason to celebrate every day! It took me so long to write about this event because quite honestly, there are no words to describe it, but I really really want you to see those pictures so I should at least try.

Ioannis and Alison live in Berlin. Alison is from Australia and Ioannis is from Thessaloniki: the second largest city of Greece. But Alison always dreamt of the greek islands so her man said: “let’s get married there!” And so they did. As simple as that.

We organised a civil wedding, followed by a very personal and intimate symbolic ceremony, especially tailor made on them. If you ask me, this makes all the difference. And then all the many details we planned for them came down to this: a non-stop dinner-party where guests ate and danced and ate and danced and then ate and danced a little more.

This day for me was nothing but happy faces and generous hugs. Thank you guys.



Photography: Lotte Thor