A rejuvenating Bachelorette Party

So what is your kind of a bachelorette party? There are many ways to enjoy this special day…

Besides crazy partying, a bachelorette party can be a great opportunity for all the bride’s friends to get together, spend some quality time with her and create more wonderful memories!

Our beautiful bride-to-be Maria wanted exactly that: a relaxing afternoon with her closest friends!

Her Maid-of-Honor Ioanna surprised her with a refreshing spa day, a cheerful tea party and a luxurious dinner for the whole bridal team. After a rejuvenating massage session, Maria joined her gang into the private spa area. A small buffet with special aromatic teas, detox water, cup cakes and macaroons completed the hamam and private-pool pool experience.

The girls laughed, talked, played fun games and then got ready and enjoyed a luxurious dinner.

Hopefully you girls had as much fun as when I was preparing this party!

Loved every minute of it!