Eva & Dimitris

A Dreamy wedding in Crete during the Pandemic

Getting married during the Pandemic in Greece? And having the wedding of their dreams? Yes, that’s possible! This brave couple from Sweden whose deepest wish was to get married in Crete, had luck alongside their positive energy and they won! This is the story of Eva and Dimitris, who got married in the summer of 2020.

This story begins like every wedding story: with a happy couple who started planning their wedding. It was 2019, back then, when we all thought that we can make very specific plans for the near future, that we had a pretty clear idea of how everything would evolve and that 2020 would be our best year. Remember?

Our communication was very efficient and it really did feel like we clicked from the very first meeting. We planned for a romantic seaside wedding in Chania, Crete and it was all working out well. Until… 2020 happened. And then came the time to make THE decision. The decision that all 2020 (and 2021) couples were obliged to make. Are we going to go through with the wedding? Are we going to take that risk? A lot of issues at stake: Are weddings and events going to be allowed by the Greek government? Will our friends and family be able to fly in from different places? Will they be able to fly back home? What type of gatherings and events are we allowed to have and with how many people? What if the rules change the day before?

Well Eva and Dimitris decided to take the risk and go through with it! They flew to Crete from Sweden and planned their wedding as they have originally dreamed: by the sea, with their closest friends and family around in a loving, relaxed and joyful environment. And we made that happen!

Their venue, located right on the beach, with its tall palm trees, white colours and wooden elements, set the right scene for their cretan wedding vision. The decorative central piece was the fiery orange protea which we mixed with smaller pale pink and white flowers to soften its intensity and at the same time to create a colourful and heart-warming result. Their friends and family matched the couple’s bravery and showed up with their best mood and ready to follow the rules, which was the cherry on the (wedding) cake. The whole day was full of love and gratitude and probably a strong ray of hope for all of us during a challenging period.

Fun fact: during Eva and Dimitris’ wedding party, more strict measures were announced by the government  to start the following day. Phew… That was a near-miss…

So no more talking, let’s enjoy the wedding of Eva and Dimitris!


Wedding Planning: My Planner by Mariangela Pateraki

Photography: Lykakis Photography

Videography: DG Films

Dj: Aristotelis Manoudakis

Florals: En Kipo Weddings

Wedding Cake: Oneira Glika

Hair: Pepi Stavroulaki

Make up: Eutuxia Beauty Drops